Friday, July 4, 2014

What Princess Wants, Princess Gets

All stories are original works of fiction.

What Princess Wants, Princess Gets NC-17

Once upon a time there was a very satisfied, very content Princess. Content the way only chocolate and a man can provide. Her Prince was currently in her bed, tied. Eyeing her appreciatively as she walked the room, wearing nothing but stockings and her Fuck-me pumps. He couldn't help but wonder what was in store for him. When she was this satisfied and content, it usually meant he wouldn't be.

She paused as reached the edge of the bed. With her hands on her hips, her eyes took in her man in the bed, tied with his own ties. Silk. She wondered briefly if he could find his way out of her knots, but then put the thought aside; he would not dare try. Playtime would end. Immediately.

She stood there a moment longer, letting him take in the sight of her. Her body was not perfect, but he didn’t see her flaws and imperfections. Instead, as he lay on the bed, bound to the headboard by his favorite silk ties of gray and blue, she knew he only saw the black silk stockings with the seams running a straight path up the back of her calf to the tops of her thighs and the Candies slides she’d found at the vintage shop.

She rounded the bed and climbed onto it, reclining lightly against his arm, letting him feel the warm, smooth skin of her back for a moment before she reached for the bowl that sat on the bedside table. Holding it in her hands she held it out so that he could see the contents. Strawberries. Big, red, ripe berries.

She carefully selected a berry and sat the bowl down. Taking a delicate bite, she licked the juice that burst from the fruit and ran across her bottom lip. Turning to him, she kissed him, running her tongue lightly over his lips so that, he too, could share in the sweet flavor. Drawing back, she smiled devilishly and lowered the berry to his nipple, rubbing first one, then the other, spreading the warm juice across the pebbling flesh. Reaching up, she placed the berry to his mouth, rubbing it across his lips. He understood her meaning and opened his mouth so that she could feed him the rest of the fruit. As his lips closed over her fingers, she bent her head and began licking his sticky flesh, flicking her tongue before sucking slightly. He inhaled sharply, and she grinned against his hot skin. She moved to his other nipple, letting her naked breasts graze his side, knowing the contact would notch up his desire.

She reached for another berry, and biting it once more, lowered the red fruit to her Prince’s hard cock, laying flat against his stomach, jerking as her warm breath flowed over the skin. She gave his shaft a soft kiss before lifting her head. She turned her head to meet his gaze, but his eyes were closed. His head was thrown back against the hard wood, the muscles in his neck bulging, his breath ragged and his chest rose and fell.

His body jerked when he felt the cool berry against his flesh, and she grinned. She painted his cock with strawberry juice, letting the sweet liquid drip down over his balls. She delighted in knowing she would tease him mercilessly. She set about cleaning him with delicate laps of her tongue followed by open mouth misses. Never drawing him into her mouth, but licking him like a child’s sweet. She buried her nose in the course hair at the base of his cock, breathing in his maleness, his scent now mixed with the sweet summer treat. Moving her mouth to his balls, she drew each soft globe into her mouth, sucking gently, pressing her tongue against the base of his balls, knowing it would inflame him further.

He moaned softly, and it was music to her ears. She released his balls with a pop and lifted her head slowly, knowing her hair on his skin drove him as crazy as his hands being tied and not tangled in her hair. She sat up quickly and reached for the small carafe on the side table.

He groaned. Looking at him, she saw his eyes focused on the chocolate sauce. The rich dark liquid flowed from its ewer, following the trail of strawberry juice, and she took her time cleaning him. Drizzling the warm sauce over his engorged cock, she took him in her mouth, slowly drawing more and more of him in as her her tongue swirling over his hot, silken skin. She reveled in the feeling of his weight and breadth filling her mouth. She drew in her cheeks to encase him, and he hissed her name. She began fucking him as if her mouth was her pussy. Sliding over him, letting the mixture of her saliva mix with the deep chocolate and drip past her lips and down the length of him. Every so often she would open her mouth and draw him deeper. She knew to relax her throat, and on his next whispered plea, she swallowed all of him, her nose buried into his pubic hair. He spasmed and jerked but knew better than to spill into her mouth. It was time. Giving his balls a gentle squeeze, she slowly released him, letting her saliva gather on his glans as she backed away.

She sat back again and kicked off her sandals. “Are you ready, baby?’ she whispered naughtily. She climbed onto his lap and assumed his favorite position, reverse cowgirl. She slowly lowered herself onto him, feeling him fill her, engulfing her as she sheathes him deep inside her. Balancing herself, she reached behind her and released the ties. Immediately, his hands came to her waist, and he picked her up and slammed her down against him as he thrust upwards.

She rode him hard. Placing her hands on either side of his chest and with his hands and with the motion of his hands, she rose and fell. She rolled her hips in the way that drove him close to the edge while it rubbed that soft spot deep inside her that drew gasps. His hands left her hips; one fell to her clit, where he began expertly rubbing in those endless circles guaranteed to give her a screaming climax while the other reached for her breast, pinching and pulling at her nipple.

She whimpered as he took command.

“Play with your clit,” he growled, and haltingly, she did. Now both hands were on her breasts, tweaking and pulling, and she began moving faster and harder, grinding onto him until he once more was gasping her name. His hands were moving once again; one back on her hip to hold as he thrust deep into her wet pussy, while the other found her hair. Grasping a handful, he pulled her head back, forcing her moans from her throat.

And then she was shuddering, her belly quivering as the heat built and exploded within her. She stuttered his name, over and over and continued to rock over his cock.

And then suddenly, he picked her up and rolled her onto her stomach, lifting her hips so that she knelt with her face in the mattress, and he was slamming his cock into her, over and over, so deep his balls slapped against her clit. And then, she was coming again, crying into the mattress as he shot inside her. His hips ground against the soft flesh of her bottom as he came, gasping her name, mumbling, “fuck” over and over.

He lowered himself until he covered her with his body; then, wrapping his arms around her, he rolled them onto their sides, her head resting on his arm as he buried his face in her hair. He softened inside her, and their fluids mixed with the strawberry juice and chocolate sauce on the sheets.

“Happy Birthday,” he murmured, as she drifted off to sleep.

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